Wildstream Media is a socially conscious production company. Our work celebrates people, cultures and shared experiences.  We hope our stories will illuminate, inspire and ignite the human spirit.  

Expand our shared humanity.

Celebrate people, cultures and shared experiences. 

Touch hearts, move minds, & transform how people see themselves & the world.

Create positive social change.





Deb Ondo

Deb is a founder of Wildstream Media, where she is an executive producer, cinematographer and editor. As a creative services director and vice president of marketing, she has managed communications and content development for broadcast and cable television stations, as well as a national not-for-profit that intersects with higher education, health and financial services. Prior to Wildstream Media, Deb owned OndoCreative, where she provided marketing and video production services for Mount Holyoke College, Aetna Life Insurance Company, and numerous retail and automotive clients. Deb has been honored with five Emmy awards, the Pat Weaver Broadcast Journalism Award, and the Parent's Choice Award for television programming and promotion. 


Denise Jelley

Change happens relationally. Relationships impact and shape us -  connections transform us individually and collectively, thereby impacting the world. Denise is a founder of Wildstream Media where she is an executive producer, applying her experience as a social worker, community organizer, clinician and advocate to create positive social change. Denise uses her experience with social and behavioral science to assess the cognitive and emotional factors that make a difference in the world and provide others the opportunity to do so as well. She founded and led the initiative to create the first pride march in New Paltz, New York in 2005, and was a founding member of the LGBTQ Community Center in Kingston, New York. 


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