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What is Social Innovation?

Choosing to be a positive influence in people's lives



Social innovation is intentional. It's about leading with a purpose that benefits society.


Social innovation helps you establish trust, differentiate your position in the market, invigorate corporate stakeholders and employees, and create meaningful societal impact.


Companies with a clearly defined purpose, such as sustainability or social justice, tell people you care about something beyond selling a product or service.  


Your brand is more powerful when people can engage with you on a deeper, more meaningful level. 

What can you accomplish together with the people who interact with your brand?


80% of next generation consumers prefer to buy from companies that demonstrate a clear purpose with social impact.


Millennials prioritize substance over style. They believe that solving social problems should be a collaborative effort. They make decisions based on personal values and are willing to spend 5% – 10% more on brands that care. 


Gen Zs are pragmatic, resolute, global thinkers. They are also cautious shoppers. The most diverse generation ever, they are looking for proof that their time and money are well spent.

Boomers pay close attention to brands that lead with purpose - choosing to do business with brands that share their values.

The Bottom Line

People believe that businesses should be a
force for positive social change.

Learn what your company can do.

Getting started

What's important to you, your employees and customers?

Identify your purpose.

Live your purpose.

Tell your story.


Define the next phase of your business success by activating social innovation.

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